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HuePets is a digital-first educational program focused on promoting a healthy lifestyle. We partner with dietitians, pediatricians, medical facilities and other professionals, retail, and schools to activate our mission. Click here to download our Media Kit.

How is HuePets different? It is the simplest and most fun way to eat healthy!

HuePets is a digital-first program that consists of the below:

  1. A mobile app that turns daily healthy eating into a game. The app is tied to a website that allows medical professionals, family, and friends to view a patients or kids dashboard of colorful choices and even assign rewards! Check out the video. This could be used a new way to entertain little ones and parents in the waiting room! please add image of HuePets corner attached.
  2. A professional design video content for the medical professional and staff/ or facility video to be leveraged in website and social media, including the doctor’s or philosophy on preventative health (customizable).
  3. HuePets stand that to feature educational materials and giveaways. 
  4. Educational marketing materials with the doctor or facility contact info as a tool to extern reach after patients or customers.
  5. HuePets educational promotional materials and collectibles!
  6. HuePets crate (toy chest!)
  7. Customizable, exclusive HuePets Coloring Book with fresh clean crayons with your contact info.  Did you know that new age moms do not like their kids to play or touch anything in the office or waiting areas? Not only can the kid color in your office, making the waiting time seem less, but also, they will take it home with your contact information!
  8. Monthly e-newsletter, mobile coupons, digital sweepstakes, and more!

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