Eating well shouldn’t be something you dread. HueTrition has partnered with chefs to bring you great tasting, healthy recipes to make eating well delicious and easy. Get recipes, ask questions, take classes, and much more with our HueChefs!

HueTrition offers a multitude of other tools, including an online healthy cooking class with our HueChef. It will include an easy roadmap and tips to adding color to your lifestyle.

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Meet Our HueChefs

Chef Andres Prussing

Born and raised in Santiago, Chile.

His love and passion for the culinary world grew in him at a very early age as he enjoyed cooking every weekend passed down recipes from his grandmother. Andres attended culinary school at INACAP in Santiago, graduated with a Bachelor Degree in Culinary Arts and Administration in 2008.

Chef Linh

Having a personal chef saves time and money.

Eat the way you want. Gourmet? Vegetarian? Gluten-free? Low-fat? I cook what you want! My clients include pro-athletes, professionals, physicians, busy families, medical recoveries and new parents.

Chef Chris Aquilino

Cooking is in my Blood...

“At a young age, I wanted to know how things worked, how to break them apart and rebuild them. This natural drive and curiosity sparked my desire to explore art, more specifically, sculpting. Through this medium, I learned the creative process and how to turn a raw ingredient into something I could truly identify with. As I grew, I adapted my creative talents to the kitchen, shifting my medium of choice to food, instead of clay. Now, three decades later, I have mastered many skills, but I'm always hungry to learn more.

Chris is the Chief Culinary Officer for Further Culinary Group, a boutique food service consulting and creative firm out of Charlotte NC and the VP of the Charlotte Chapter of the American Culinary Federation.