Meet HueChef Suzy

Chef Suzy

Nutrition Live Chef Demonstrator at HueTrition, LLC

Chef Suzy McClain has a Bachelors in Nutrition Science from the University of Nevada Las Vegas where she is now finishing up her U.N.L.V. Dietetic Internship. As a future Registered Dietitian, Chef Suzy specializes in creative live chef demos where she keeps her audience engaged with simple, fun, educational and effective ways to take nutrition to the next level.

Chef Suzy has worked with reputable organizations, including Green Our Planet, Families for Effective Autism Treatment (FEAT), The Quiet Storm Foundation, and the Clark County School District. Chef Suzy makes her audience come alive as she takes them on a tour of how to establish healthy lifestyles to achieve a disease-free life.

Chef Suzy is passionate about mentoring families to meet their child’s growth and developmental needs to help them maintain a healthy lifestyle when they are adults.