Three Pillars of Healthy, Simple Living: Monica H. San Miguel’s Revolutionary Yet Simple Approach to a Mindful Lifestyle featured on NY Weekly

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In a world where fad diets and complex lifestyle protocols often dominate the health and wellness scene, a refreshing shift is occurring. Society is steering away from temporary diets and complicated health regimens, moving towards adopting simpler, more sustainable, and healthier lifestyles. Monica H. San Miguel stands at the forefront of this transformation, pioneering a revolutionary approach that emphasizes simplicity, enjoyment, and a closer connection to the natural world in the realm of wellness and nutrition.

A Life Dedicated To Understanding Nutrition

For the last two decades, Monica H. San Miguel, the dynamic CEO and Founder of HueTrition®, has been dedicated to one simple mission – helping give the public access to healthier and more nutritious & sustainable food. Working with some of the largest food manufacturers and distributors  in the world, she gained a wealth of knowledge and experience of how food was processed. Combined with her extensive education in nutritional sciences and her firsthand experience of balancing nutrition as a professional and collegiate tennis player, she knew that there was a gap in the industry. “We’ve overcomplicated healthy eating. It really is as simple as adding more color to your plate and learning to enjoy food again.” In 2017, she launched HueTrition® a nationally-recognized wellness program that promotes eating colorful, wholesome fruits and vegetables, combined with an active lifestyle. Featured in publications such as the Food Network, USA Today, and more, she is committed to sharing a simple yet transformational message with the world. “Eat and live with more color.” Here are her three tips for living a healthier, sustainable life without crazy diets or routines.

Focus on Enjoying Food

Surprising? While Monica recognizes that most often eating healthy is associated with eating “sub-par tasting foods or cutting out much of their favorite foods,” she emphasizes the importance of enjoying food holistically. Monica encourages embracing meals as moments of relaxation and enjoyment, allowing the diverse flavors and communal energy to nourish not only the body but also the soul. “When you travel around the world, food is not transactional. In other cultures, eating is a relaxing, community-based event. It’s fun. Food is Fuel.” Monica emphasizes. By sharing numerous recipes, tips, and tricks for eating tasty and healthful food, she hopes to inspire more people to find joy in eating.

50/50 on the Fruits and Veggies

According to Monica, finding balance is simple. “Fifty percent of your plate or more should be colorful fruits and veggies.” She encourages a more profound appreciation and understanding of the variety that plant-based foods offer, aiding people in discovering joy in consuming them. Again, she recognizes the need for more resources and education. “We have built a network of professional chefs and nutrition experts who can teach how to prepare healthy food in a fun-tasting way.l”

Keep Moving, Preferably in Nature

Moving away from the obsession with gyms and rigorous workout routines, Monica advocates for natural movement, ideally set in the peace and beauty of nature. “It’s important to move, stay activated and preferably in nature. This helps your body use the fuel that you are giving it.” Again, she did stress the importance of movement – not necessarily a gym routine. “Many cultures that enjoy long, healthy lives don’t obsess over going to the gym – they simply live active lives.”

Looking for More?

Monica’s innovative strategies have forged strong collaborative partnerships, working cohesively with various sectors such as healthcare, insurance, and corporate wellness programs. Her vision navigates beyond mainstream wellness narratives, focusing on practical, engaging, and simplistic methods to promote a healthier lifestyle. With a nurturing approach that considers the joys of eating and the essence of natural movement, Monica H. San Miguel is carving a path toward a more mindful, colorful, and wholesome way of living.

For more information, you can visit her website where you can learn more about her educational programs and initiatives. You can also learn more about living a simple, healthy lifestyle by grabbing a copy of her book, “HueTrition: Healthy & Colorful Eating Made Fun” on Amazon & Google Play.

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