Monica H. San Miguel & HueTrition®: Bringing Together Technology and Industry Leaders To Simplify Healthy Nutrition featured on CEO Weekly

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Monica H. San Miguel is a name synonymous with innovation, excellence, and a transformative approach to healthy living. As the driving force behind HueTrition®, her role as CEO positions the company as an indispensable ally to corporations and large organizations aiming to foster a culture of health, sustainability, and unrivaled nutritional awareness.

A Fresh and Simple Look At Nutrition

Monica brings to the table a refreshing and vibrant perspective, anchoring the bridge between revolutionary technology and comprehensive nutritional strategies. Combined with over two decades serving with the largest companies in the food and nutrition industry, her extensive education in nutritional science, and her own experience as a professional athlete, she recognizes the need for a fresh look at health and nutrition. “It’s gotten too complicated to promote healthy living. We’re committed to building a platform that combines technology, education, and simple principles to encourage healthy living – starting at a young age.” Monica emphasizes.

Simple Technology, Transformational Changes

Monica’s creation, the HuePets by HueTrition® educational mobile app, embodies the transformative use of technology to bolster healthy eating and lifestyle choices. This flagship innovation stands as a testament to HueTrition’s commitment to leveraging digital platforms to encourage healthy living for both corporations and individuals at home. “Whether you’re leading an organization of five thousand or a household of four, our technological ingenuity ensures that promoting health becomes an engaging and impactful journey,” asserts Monica.

Although she is passionate about helping families, Monica’s success has come in building powerful collaborations with corporations. “We are working with insurance companies, community grocery stores, healthcare providers, and more to create access to both healthy foods and the resources on how to use them.”

More Than Just Food

While she is proud of her free app, her ever-growing list of partnerships, and numerous accolades for her work, Monica realizes that education is at the core of everything that she does. “There are great programs where you can order fruit and veggies as a prescription from your doctor. That’s a great start, but the next step – and what we focus on – is providing the education that people need to best utilize food as a medicine and as fuel.” Through her diverse network of influencers, doctors, chefs, and nutrition experts, she is making this education a possibility. With training on how to cut a pineapple, how to sautee peppers, or how to create a plant-based tonic for a cold – her platform is the perfect resource for anyone looking to live a healthier, colorful lifestyle. “It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s FUN.

In Summary

Monica H. San Miguel and HueTrition® extend an invitation to corporations and large organizations to embark on her important endeavor. Although her journey is marked by substantial experience, education, and technological development, she has a simple mission and a simple message. “I want to make eating healthy a fun, simple, and colorful experience for as many as I can.”

For an exploration of collaborative possibilities and to discover the transformative strategies HueTrition® brings to the corporate landscape, you can visit her website or LinkedIn for more about the resources and education she offers.

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