HueTrition – Healthy Eats Made Easy for the Whole Family (NewsWatch Review)

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Find the original blog post by News Watch TV here.

Consumer Update

How do you get your kids to eat healthy fruits and vegetables? We all know it’s important, but when we make it too serious, kids only seem to push back harder.

That’s where HueTrition steps in. HueTrition is a nationally recognized family wellness program that utilizes fun apps to promote a balanced and healthy lifestyle. HuePets is a super fun app that allows kids to scan real-life foods that then show up in the app as food for their cute little animal.

Kids fall in love with the idea of raising a digital pet by feeding them the same foods they’re eating in the real world. There’s nothing like your kid asking you for broccoli or carrots.

They can even get a real-life version of the pet in the form of a Huey Plushie. While it’s important to get kids eating healthy foods at a young age, this habit should carry on into adulthood.

HueTracker gives adults the ability to scan foods to learn the nutritional value, enabling you to make the right decisions for your body.

If you want to learn about all of the products and apps available from HueTrition, head on over to today.

Find the original blog post by News Watch TV here.

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