How HueTrition Simplifies Healthy Living (by Hannah Melotto)

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With so many options for leading a healthy lifestyle available, a large portion of Americans fail to consume enough fresh fruits and vegetables while maintaining at least the recommended amount of activity per week. To combat this issue affecting our society, Monica H. San Miguel began HueTrition, with a mission for it to become a trusted well-being resource helping families adopt healthy, life-long habits.

For Monica, healthy habits have long been ingrained in her life. An avid tennis player, she played at both the collegiate and professional levels and was awarded an athletic scholarship to Texas A&M University, where she earned her degree in nutritional sciences. However, she recognized that not everyone leads a healthy lifestyle, so she founded HueTrition to inspire changes in eating habits and activity levels.

HueTrition’s philosophy is simple; everyone should consume at least five servings of colorful fruits and vegetables daily with a healthy balance of physical activity. Utilizing technology, HueTrition makes it easy to access information and track diets. Most importantly, HueTrition aims to make healthy eating fun, so that both parents and children are motivated to stick with their healthy habits long-term. Since it is not a fad diet, HueTrition focuses instead on making changes to implement better habits and its methodology is sustainable and easy to follow.

With a wealth of resources readily available, HueTrition is dedicated to helping people succeed. Online, users have access to healthy recipes, can ask HueChefs questions, can set up consultations with a registered dietitian, and can track the healthy choices that they make. Their HueApproved Scanner makes it easy to choose healthy products when shopping, as a simple scan of the item’s barcode reveals important nutritional information. Additionally, the HueBlog provides current and relevant insight into leading a healthy life.

To add to HueTrition arsenal of resources, Monica has published a book, available from Barnes & Noble and Amazon. The HueTrition book provides new ideas for incorporating fruits and veggies of every color into diets for a healthier life.

For regular tips on creating and sustaining a healthy life, subscribe to the HueTube channel on YouTube.

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