Color Your Plate, Color Your World: Monica H. San Miguel’s Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

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At the helm of a renowned wellness hub, Monica aims to inject joy and simplicity into healthy living for all. This isn’t merely a nutritional expedition; it’s a vibrant transformation of lifestyles fueled by the potency of wholesome choices.

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From Tennis Courts to Nutritional Palette: Monica’s Unique Journey Unveiled


Monica’s journey commenced on the tennis courts, where the rhythmic sound of the ball meeting the racket became her daily anthem. As a seasoned tennis player, she learned the importance of discipline and dedication. However, it was beyond the court’s boundaries that Monica identified a void in the nutritional panorama, realizing that healthy eating didn’t need to be a complicated game. “We’ve overcomplicated healthy eating. It really is as simple as adding more color to your plate and learning to enjoy food again,” she asserts.

The Birth of HueTrition: A Symphony of Colors and Wholesome Living


In 2017, Monica translated her vision into reality with the launch of HueTrition, a nationally-recognized wellness program. The core philosophy revolves around making healthy living both simple and enjoyable. The focus is on filling half your plate with natural, colorful fruits and vegetables, presenting a solution to various health issues. The guiding principles—real food, as wholesome as possible, and few pronounceable ingredients—form the foundation of this innovative lifestyle movement.


Under Monica’s guidance, HueTrition has cultivated an array of brands that harmonize with the program’s ethos.


HuePets: Transforming healthy eating into a game, the HuePets app empowers kids to feed virtual pets by scanning their meals. It’s a delightful way to instill good eating habits and has garnered recognition on major platforms. It is available on the App Store and Google Play. If you have been searching for a way to get your kids to eat their veggies, you can also check out their new kids recipe book.


HueTrition Lifestyle: At the heart of the program is the philosophy of ‘Food as Fuel to Color Your World.’ It’s about embracing natural, colorful, and wholesome foods and making healthy choices effortlessly. Monica has also published a book titled “HueTrition: Healthy & Colorful Eating Made Fun.” designed as a simple wellness guide


HueApproved  built with the philosophy of simple, easy home cooked-meals, colorful fruits & vegetables, and nutritious products with clean labels, This is a tool for healthy eating and helping consumers cut a pathway through the nutritional labels and determining whether a product or recipes can contribute to a good food day. Try it now!


HueChefs: HueTrition offers a multitude of other tools such as online healthy cooking classes and events, including an easy roadmap and tips for adding color to your lifestyle.


The Three Pillars of Monica’s Approach

Monica’s approach is defined by three pillars—real food, as wholesome as possible, and few pronounceable ingredients. This mantra simplifies healthy choices, making it not just a diet but a lasting lifestyle change. The emphasis is on substituting snacks and side dishes with colorful vegetables, leading to improved energy levels and weight management. Differentiating foods into five color categories offers a fun and easy way to meet nutrient needs and enjoy daily health benefits.

National Recognition and Strategic Partnerships

Monica’s commitment to promoting a colorful, wholesome lifestyle has led to notable achievements. The HuePets app has been featured on The Food Network’s Healthy Eats, while HueTrition’s digital wellness work has been highlighted in USA Today and the Modern Wellness Guide. Previous collaborations with industry giants like Whole Foods, Dole, NutriBullet, and Barnes & Noble underscore the influence of HueTrition in shaping the wellness landscape.

Future Horizons: Monica’s Ambition for a Healthier Tomorrow

Looking ahead, Monica H. San Miguel envisions a world where healthy living is not a chore but a fun, simple, and colorful experience for all. Her commitment is evident in initiatives like HuePets and comprehensive wellness programs. Monica’s goal is clear: “I want to make healthy living a fun, simple, and colorful experience for as many as I can.”


As the adage goes, “Eat wisely, live brilliantly—your well-being starts on your plate.” Monica H. San Miguel and HueTrition are on a mission to turn this wisdom into a vibrant reality, one plate at a time.


If you’re in the market for a lifestyle shift that’s easy, fun, and backed by a real entrepreneur,  check out their website here, along with their Hueblog and HueTube. You can follow their colorful journey on Instagram.


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