4 Clever Ways to Get Kids Excited About Fruits & Veggies! (The Chic)

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With the holiday season here and the new year just around the corner, now is a perfect time to encourage kids to eat more fruits and veggies! Parents everywhere worry if their children are getting enough fruits and vegetables and the mealtime negotiating/bribing struggle sends the wrong message and just doesn’t work.

Here are a few fun and stress-free ways to get kids to eat the “rainbow” and increase their healthy eating palate!

Choose colors from the season

Fruits like apples and vegetables like butternut squash in the fall or pomegranates, small clementines and colorful purple potatoes or carrots in the winter months. 

Let kids help

Let them help shop, wash, and prep the harvest of the season and talk to your child about how certain fruits/vegetables grow at this time of the year, where a fruit or vegetable may have come from and why it is good for growing bodies.

Use Veggies

Include vegetables and fruits in soups and stews or bake vegetables in breads and muffins. Healthy carrot muffins or pumpkin breads can be a wonderful way to increase the range of fruits and veggies!

Make it fun!

For kids who love to interact with technology, the HuePets App, can put “screen time” to good use by making healthy eating a game! As kids raise their HuePet from an egg to an adult, they’ll explore new foods, expand their palate, and have a lot of fun eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables. Parents can even “incentivize” their children in fun and creative ways directly through the app — no more negotiations!   

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