HueTrition Introduces HueAmbassador™ Program

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Since launch of our platform in October of 2017 at the Food & Nutrition Conference (FNCE) in Chicago with 13,000 dietitians and nutrition professionals in attendance, this is what dietitians are saying:

-This is so genius!

This is so smart!

This is brilliant!

HuePets are so cute!

This is my favorite booth at the show!

By becoming HueAmbassadors™ dietitians and other professionals are pledging to be a part of HueMovement™ which promotes an active, healthy lifestyle while encouraging eating colorful fruits and vegetables.

Our HueAmbassadors™ are helping us extend our mission to K-12 and Healthcare at our live events and piloting our technology based, educational platform with their patients and students.

Meet some of our HueAmbassadors™ here!

If you would like information on how you can become a HueAmbassador™, please contact

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