Welcome our newest Hue characters!

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Please Welcome our Newest Hue Characters!

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We are very excited to announce our newest members of the HuePets community!

Without further ado, please welcome Brok, Scruffi, and Niña!


I’m Brok and I’m a mean, green, broccoli Machine. I started eating healthy, it changed my life.  I’m all about greens and broccoli. My HueMaster power is that everything I walk by puffs up and gets a brand new and colorful and puffed up hair-style!


Scruffi was born to be a HuePet! She snoozes 20 hours a day to be able to withstand the grueling task of being the ultimate lap dog. Her HueMaster power is she can make all worries disappear just by petting her. She likes to go out on runs and walks, chasing squirrels.  Her hobbies include rotating napping spots, stealing food from grandmas’ and children’s bags (a true HR nightmare), and did we mention sleeping? Scruffi suffers from “bed-beard”, a chronic condition, as a result of her job. Scruffi enjoys eating fruits and vegetables, everything from bananas to carrots, so much so she even scarfs down the banana peel.


I am  Niña. I was born in the core of the earth but when I came to the surface I had a life-changing experience. I enjoy having fun at the beach with all my HuePets friends, enjoying the fresh air under the warm sun. I also enjoy having fun in the summer, keeping active with fun activities such as kayaking and hiking. The healthy choices I make allow me to change into different fruits, all with incredible abilities.

My HueMaster power is the amazing ability to shapeshift.

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