Digitally-powered, colorful health & wellness


To foster a balanced, active, plant-based lifestyle that includes a daily variety of colorful fruits and vegetables, ideally 6 colors (at least 5 servings per day) from an early age while encouraging sensible choices for the planet.


To create a grassroots movement and nourishing community that serve as a well-being resource for parents and children, encouraging joint life-long consumption of fruits and vegetables, physical activity, and a greener lifestyle.

Our Legacy

Social well-being by rewarding people for making holistic, healthy lifestyle choices via our patented HueTracker™, proprietary HuePets™, HueChefs™, HueSchool™, and other technology-driven products and platforms.

Working with Us!

HueTrition’s™ unique portfolio of highly-interactive digital properties allows sponsors to connect with targeted, in-market audiences across a range of demographic profiles, including parents, K-12 educators, and health, wellness, and food enthusiasts.

Sponsorship packages can be customized to include native articles, education-based mobile games, interactive recipes, and prizing & rewards.

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Meet the Team

Monica H. Sokolovskiy, Founder

Passionate, driven nutrition and marketing professional with 18+ years of solid experience in a variety of leadership roles in both Food and Health & Wellness industries, including Digital Marketing & Strategy, Content, Social Media & E-commerce, Analytics, Customer & Integrated Marketing, Brand Management, Global Innovation & Better-For-You New Product Development. Life-long athlete, played tennis at both professional and collegiate levels on full athletic scholarship. Committed to create a movement to encourage kids and families to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“A planet has many colors. Embrace them all.”

– Monica H. Sokolovskiy

Joshua Johnson, Digital & E-commerce Specialist

Josh has been passionately working in the restaurant industry since he was 12 years old, and has been on computers since he was five! He has been an expert in social media curation, e-commerce, and email marketing.

Contributing Chefs

Chef Bobby Trevino

A Michelin Star-winning chef, Bobby has worked in a number of fine dining establishments, including for Chef Gordon Ramsay as Executive Sous Chef. Bobby has also been the Celebrity Chef for companies like NuWave and Chefman.

He is currently the Director for Fresh Ideas. Chef Bobby brings an extensive knowledge of menu development at a gourmet, yet accessible level. His expertise and knowledge of healthy cooking and global cuisine provides layers of delicious flavor that anyone can prepare right at home.

Meet the Board

Kathleen E. Bethin, MD | Attending Physician, Clinical Associate Professor, Fellowship Program Director at University at Buffalo

Both a practicing physician and a university professor, Kathleen has worked at the forefront of pediatric medicine for more than 30 years. She has spent nearly ten of those years leading clinical trials into childhood obesity, pediatric diabetes, adrenal disorder, and thyroid disease, helping change the way the medical community thinks about children’s nutrition.

In addition, as Program Director in the Department of Pediatrics, Kathleen supervises and monitors the training of the next generation of pediatric professionals.

Jean Ronnei, SNS, Senior Consultant Pro-team Foodservice Advisors

A  leader in the world of School Food, Jean has served as President of the School Nutrition Association (SNA), and she led the efforts in Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS), MN to transform their program.

Jean has received national recognition for creating healthy menus that drive high participation while honoring a diverse student body.