What is HueTrition™?

HueTrition™ is a nationally-recognized family wellness program that promotes a minimalist diet rich in fruits and vegetables, as well as an active lifestyle. Using cutting-edge technologies, we provide online consults and cooking classes, plant-based recipes, nutritional guides for kids, and fun web apps to promote balanced living. We believe that sustainable, healthy living should be fun. Our advanced tools can bring your family together through the guiding philosophy of wellness.

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Our HuePets app makes healthy eating fun. Kids can scan their food and feed a virtual pet, finding out the nutritional benefits of their own meal. Parents can use this app to monitor and reward healthy eating. Get your HuePets bundle, which includes a coloring book, Huey Plushie, and travel bag for you to bring fun eating wherever you go.

Don’t forget to check out our HueTrition Book: Healthy Eating Made Fun for and easy roadmap and tips to adding color to your lifestyle. Healthy Living has never been easier! Healthy Living has never been easier!

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Our online nutritionist, a licensed RDN, teaches a webinar on healthy eating, simple foods, and everything you’ve ever wondered about fad diets. You can also book a customized consult to ask your specific nutritional or dietary questions.

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HueTrition offers a multitude of other tools, including an online healthy cooking class with our HueChef. Click here to book your online cooking class with will include an easy roadmap and tips to adding color to your lifestyle.

Hue Trition Lifestyle

Our HueTrition Lifestyle philosophy is simple:
Food as Fuel to Color Your World.

Natural, colorful, filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables solves a lot of problems! No need to sweat it!

We keep it simple and focus on:

1. Real food

2. As wholesome as possible
3. Pronouceable ingredients, fewer the better

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